We’re Talksome, a technical company specialised in digital voice communication. We develop cloud-based telephony solutions for businesses that are passionate about making communication seamless for our end users. However, delivering a great technical product is not our end game; it’s just a start. Because we’re not a supplier, we are more than that — we are a partner. A technical partner that is working together with our customers to deliver the best possible experience to the users.

Bold but sensible. Technical expertise is the start of everything. We are a knowledgeable partner with a lot of technical knowhow. We’re confident and we have our own take on things, but we never lose sight of the needs of others and always take them into account.

Flexible but reliable. Where others see problems, we see opportunities. We just love looking for them – that’s where we shine. But, everything we do, we do with our users in mind. We’ve got the ability to quickly adjust to new conditions and provide the best solution for customer needs.

Digital but human. We bring fun and energy everywhere we go. Because we’re passionate about what we do, we don’t do boring or average. We have a spark. And we like to show our personalities (and our work) to the world in a lively, cheerful way.

Our team

We’re a group of developers and tech enthousiasts that’s crazy about their jobs.

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