Designed with our users in mind

Built for usability. To improve focus and efficiency, we’ve carefully designed the appearance and interactions of Bridge with user in mind, testing the placement and behaviour of every element.

Easy integration with desk phones

Best audio quality. If there’s a device that knows how to do phone audio well, it’s a desk phone. Bridge integrates with the office phone so operators benefit from the audio quality of a real phone while managing it completely from their desktops!

Full call control. Control your desk phone with a mouse.

Attended transfers. Transfer calls to colleague with consultation.

Notifications. Receive call notifications on your desktop.

Contact sync. Access all your contacts within the app.

Presence. Set your own status monitor presence of the others.

Agent management. Supervisors can place or remove agents from queues.

Listen-in. Supervisors can easily see and listen in on their agent’s calls.

Cherry-picking. Cherry pick any call out of a queue.

Wrap-up time. Automatic status after a queue call for wrapping up.

Manage phones. Log in and out of desk phones in your organization.

Adjustable view. Set comfortable or compact information view.

Web and desktop apps. Access from any device or browser.

Local address book

We walk an extra mile for privacy. Where other solutions require you to share all of your contacts and update them periodically, we use local address book instead, so your contacts are always up to date and never uploaded to the cloud.

Read why your privacy matters