Terms of use Compass Demo

  1. Intended use of the Compass Demo. The Compass Demo version is dedicated only for presentation and try-out purposes.  It must not be sold, monetised or used in any way contrary to that.
  2. Responsibility for Account Use. You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password for your account. You will notify Talksome immediately per email (support@talksome.com) of any unauthorised use of, or access to, all or any portion of the Compass Demo. The holder of the Compass Demo version must not copy it or grant an access to a third party user.
  3. Fair use policy. In the Compass Demo environment actual calls can be made to test our platform. The amount of these calls are based on “fair use” and Talksome reserves the right to limit this functionality in case of abuse.  The same applies for the amount of companies, users and extensions that are made.
  4. Abuse policy. Talksome reserves the right to cancel access to your demo environment in case of abuse. Examples of abuse are, but not limited to: (i) intensive use of calling or demo creation (see “Fair use policy), (ii) Unintended use of the service (see “Intended use of the Compass Demo”), (iii) any behaviour which violates our company values.
  5. Access and Monitoring. Talksome reserves the right to access and monitor the Compass Demo version without prior notice.
  6. Changes to Compass Demo. Talksome reserves the right, without  prior notice, to (i) change or discontinue all or any portion of  the Compass Demo and (ii) release new versions, do maintenance and add or remove Demo Products from  the Compass Demo, at any time.
  7. Removing your demo data  from Compass Demo Builder. You can request the removal of your Compass Demo data  at any time by submitting a request to support@talksome.com. Talksome will remove your Demo within 10 business days of its receipt of your request. Otherwise, your demo will be removed after 90 days as stated in our Privacy Policy.