Most modern web applications realise that offering a standard product with limited functionality does not suite the diverse market. An application has to be adaptable and extensible to match specific verticals and other customer needs. This also applies for the (VOIP) telephony market of PBX systems.

Improve configuration (efficiency). Currently the Compass Web Interface does not have a mass import (CSV upload) function to create new users. If you have a large amount of users, this can be time-consuming. With the available API, you could build a script yourself that can import a predefined CSV file.

Extract data (reporting). Our API allows you to get all kinds of data from your PBX. This can be real-time data (via XMPP) about the state of your system, availability of call agents or average waiting time in queues. Or it can be data that changes more infrequently (via REST), e.g. phone or call statistics.

Connect and integrate. Maybe you want to connect telephony with a CRM solution or integrate it with other business applications. Or maybe you want to build a simplified application which extracts data from your CRM and from Compass and combines it in a new rich view. With the API you can build these kind of things.

Modify. You can even make your own apps! We did it ourselves with Navigator, Bridge and Panel which all take full advantage of the rich possibilities of the Compass API. While having the same base as the Compass Web Interface (Studio), they are more guided towards end users, have a different look and feel and a modified feature set.

How can I use the Compass API?

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