Route calls on the go

Compass Navigator is a mobile app that serves as a companion for your Compass environment. This means that you are now able to adjust all the most important calling settings right from your mobile phone, from any location.

Switch outbound number. Set outbound number you want to make calls with.

Set to anonymous. Hide your outbound number.

Specific forwarding settings. You can choose what happens with calls when you’re busy, not answering or unavailable.

Different forwarding number. Set a different forwarding number that will appear on the receiver’s screen.

Ring time. Choose how long a call will be ringing before being forwarded or hang up.

Manage call switches. Set which call switch setting should be active.

Join queues. You can leave or join company’s queues from the app.

Filter queues and switches per user. Administrators can choose which queues and/or switches users will see.