Panel is a flexible and user-friendly web-based dashboard and wall display. It works with Compass, allowing the manager and contact center agents to have a complete, real-time overview of the performance of the contact centre.

How it works

The way Panel works is by extracting and highlighting the vital information of the communication flow on the dashboard. This is done by exploring the statistics and numbers of each queue from each department, bridging the gap between customer and agent.

The configurable and easy to use dashboard. Manage your call center queues in real-time and arrange them the way you see fit. This provides you with an exhaustive visual representation of the way in which your call center is performing.

Detailed overview. In one place, see how many agents are currently available to answer calls, how many customers are waiting to be answered, monitor waiting times and have an overview of the average number of answered and unanswered calls.

Alert your agents. Panel also allows the manager to create specific ticker line alerts for the agents, thus communicating important information without disturbing their work.

Benefits of using Panel

Conserving time. Dodge any possible mishaps by monitoring the call center performance in real-time. Take note of any bottlenecks or issues arising in the communication flow at an early stage and in turn minimize idle times.

Increasing productivity and quality of work. Monitor your agents’ calls and identify skills and areas that need improvement. This will help in reorganizing the call center team in a way that would work more efficiently.

Bringing important insights. Monitor your metrics such as service level and response time and leverage them for an improved performance.

Providing a better customer experience. Increase your customers’ satisfaction by offering an improved call center customer experience. This is, at the end of the day, the key objective of any business.