Our focus is on developing, hosting and managing a telecom platform. We know that it takes a lot of time and effort to explain and sell a telecom solution. We believe that using an indirect sales channel and therefore working together with suitable partners is the best model for this.

Benefits of becoming a partner

Become a distributor/reseller. We pass on our license model to you and you determine the price for the end customer or find other resellers.

Build own customer relationships. We don't have contact with end customers; build your relationships, manage them and create upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Use our complete APIs. With the right technical knowledge, you can make anything you want with Compass.

Hosted Compass partner

We offer our Compass platform as a shared hosted solution. This has benefits regarding set-up, costs and maintenance. You will use hostedcompass.com with our Talksome styling to enter Studio, the web interface for configuring and managing Compass for end users.

See Bronze, Silver and Gold plan

White-label partner

You will still use Compass as a multi-tenant hosted solution just as the previous option. Only now you can rebrand it and sell it as your own product.

See Bronze, Silver and Gold plan

Own stack partner

If the other solutions don’t fit your proposition and you don’t want to have a multi-tenant solution, we can go even one step further and discuss and set up your own Compass stack for you.

See Enterprise plan


We ask partners for a license fee per user per month. The number of users is measured monthly and billing is adjusted accordingly. Depending on the type of partnership – see above – additional costs are charged.

We are looking for partners with sufficient technical knowledge of VOIP and telecom services to be able to set up our platform for end customers and to answer first-line support questions. 
We host our platform and data in Europe and privacy is in our DNA. We understand the challenges and sensitivity of communication and therefore try to adhere to leading privacy practices in everything we do. See our privacy policy for more information on how we do this.
In terms of size, we are looking for partners who purchase/resell at least 1000 seats (monthly fee) or who have the potential to grow there. If you would still like to resell the Compass platform but you don’t think you can make the target or lack the technical knowledge in-house, we advise you to contact one of our current partners and inquire about the possibilities of becoming a reseller with them.

The Compass platform is a multi-tenant hosted service. This means that Talksome manages the platform in combination with a hosting partner and that one instance of the platform is running that is shared by all partners and underlying resellers and end customers. This provides efficiency and cost benefits and also avoids having to support many different versions of Compass at the same time. However, it is also possible to request your own instance of the platform, but managed by us (or jointly). See here for the possibilities.

Not everyone can just become a Compass partner because a minimum level of technical expertise is required to support end customers as is a minimum number of seats. That is why our onboarding consists of the following phases:

1. Introduction: get to know each other and a high level check whether the Compass platform may be a match in terms of product(s), techniques used, market proposition, and if there is a fit between the two companies. → with our Account Manager

2. Technical deep dive. Verification of product, technique and company alignment.  → with our Product Owner/Devs.

3. Business plan. A conviction that the minimum of 1000 users can be achieved. Verification of market potential and sales targets.  → With our Account Management team.

4. Contract/Negotiations. We provide our standard SLA for our SaaS solution and discuss pricing, privacy documents and other possible necessities to finalize our agreement.  → With our Account Management team

5. Training and start. After signing the contract we discuss training needs, setting up the first Reseller and Company in Compass and other necessities to make our cooperation a success. → With our Account Manager and Support team

6. Evaluation and Support. After setting up the first customer we help you with second-line support and during regular meetings, we evaluate our partnership. Also, we can help you with setting up integrations. → With our Account Manager and Support team